Illinois Driving Test Questions and Answers PDF 2021



Download the Illinois driving test Q&A pdf to pass the driving test. The Q&A Guide is created by experts and based on updated rules and regulations of US 2021.

The Illinois driving test consists of 35 questions in total and to pass the test you will need to get 28 of them right. So, you are only allowed to make 7 or fewer mistakes in order to slide your way through. Along with the written test, a vision test should also be passed. In addition to that, appropriate proof has to be provided that you have signed up for a valid driver education class and that you’ll begin to attend it within the next 30 days. 

In conclusion, you should have an 80 percent score on the test, should pass the vision test, and show valid proof of signing up for a driver education class. The written test could be a little tricky to get past and it is important for you to prepare ahead of time. If you wanna be all set and ready to take the test, the practice test provided below will help a lot. Just go through the questions and feel free to take the practice test as many times as you please until you reach the desired score. Good luck to everyone taking the test and hope you pass it.

Perfect for:

  • Illinois Learner’s Permit
  • Illinois Driver’s License
  • IL Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • IL Driver’s License Renewal


What it includes: The Illinois driving test questions and answers pdf includes more than 250 practice questions and answers. There are a variety of questions and answers covered like road sign test, sign & situation test, Fines & limits test, and simulator test.

Illinois Driving Test Questions and Answers PDF 2021